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Poetry that Informs and Exposes Society
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Social Poetry Curriculum Books: (Electronic downloads, hardbound, and softcover) for state approved public and private schools.

Elementary Schools (K-5)
Secondary Schools/Junior High Schools (6-8)
High Schools (9-12)
Colleges (2Yr, 4Yr)

Social Poetry : Where can people turn to find hope in a troubled world? With violence, political upheavals, and despair filling the airwaves and pages of local and International news, there is need for a moral, ethical, and encouraging presence. Social Poetry is a vehicle to build more creative people who have what it takes to respond quickly, decisively, and appropriately to changes in neighborhoods, political environments, and racial or economic intolerance. Our Authors are Poetry Consultants to diverse groups. They provide poetry for Organization's Retreats, Services, and Meetings. Poetry is re-emerging into the mainstream of political correctness. Poetry has always been, and will increasingly become, a means of positive social change.


Have you ever wanted to buy a book of Poetry that you could read to your child during the day or before sleep at night, that was easy for your child to memorise? If your child was going to remember the words into adulthood, wouldn't you want a good message that would help them throughout their life? Well, the time has come!

Churches and Other Groups:

Have you ever wanted to buy a book of wholesome Poetry that your group could use as a reference to example the goals of your Organization? Motivate your members! Help them know in their hearts that they are pursuing the right course--doing the right thing-- treating people properly. These are simple, good messages that will help and encourage your members throughout their life.

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